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Behind the Wheel of a Monster!

It probably comes as no surprise that a number of us here at Rainbow are huge Monster Jam fans. The shared ideology here at the studio is very simple: vehicles + dirt = MAJOR FUN! Let’s face it, being off-road is the best place to be!

While the MX vs ATV series has expanded over the years from a two-wheel to two-wheel plus four-wheel experience with the franchise expansion into ATV’s and last year’s introduction of UTV’s, being able to recreate what it feels like to sit in the driver’s seat of a massive and massively powerful truck like Grave Digger has been truly epic.

Perhaps more than any other sport on any number of wheels, Monster Jam is all about the vehicles! The level of creativity and performance is truly unparalleled. The art and physics team at Rainbow has made certain that trucks inside Steel Titans don’t just look like Monster Jam trucks but act like them! Four-wheel drive, four-wheel suspension, rear-wheel steering, tire deformation and body damage are all in the game!

As a fan, watching El Toro Loco perform a bicycle or back-flip or moon walk leaves you in complete awe. We can’t wait for every fan to have the chance to get behind the wheel in Steel Titans – and there will be 25 trucks to choose from – and finally FEEL what it’s like to drive a Monster!

Monster Jam Steel Titans

Out now

Collector’s Edition

Boxshot Collector’s Edition
  • 1:24 Exclusive Die-Cast Grave Digger
  • Truck Facts – Postcard Book with 25 Monster Jam Trucks
  • Steelbook
  • Bonus: Instant In-Game Access to three Monster Jam Trucks
  • Full Game Monster Jam Steel Titans

Standard Edition

Boxshot Standard Edition

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Digital Edition

Boxshot Digital Edition

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