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Creating Monster Jam Steel Titans

The team at Rainbow are no strangers to off-road motor sports and all the parts, gear, style, speed, adrenaline, dirt, and noise that come with it! That’s what makes off-road competition so fun and had us all revved up (pardon the pun) to take on the true monster of off-road motor sports competition: Monster Jam! (that concludes my puns for the day)

We could not wait to sink our teeth into every aspect of the sport: the stadiums and arenas, the drivers, the races, the stunts, the massive air, and most importantly, the trucks.

We were given the opportunity to tour the Feld facility in Palmetto, Florida, the epicenter of all things Monster Jam, to meet some of the men and women behind the design and construction of these over-the-top trucks. We were able to see the creation of these awe-inspiring trucks up close and personal, in the very garages they’re built in – immaculate spaces where every bolt, sticker and screw is accounted for. Recreating these Monsters for Monster Jam Steel Titans would require an extremely high commitment to detail and artistry. As massive fans of the sport, we were up the challenge!

This weekend’s Monster Jam World Finals on May 10 & 11 in Orlando, Florida not only marks the culmination of the 2019 Monster Jam season but the first opportunity for Monster Jam fans to play Monster Jam Steel Titans in advance of its June 26 release on Xbox One! With 25 of the most popular Monster Jam trucks, multiple racing and freestyle modes, multiplayer split-screen, and vehicle destruction, we think we’re finally delivering what fans have been waiting for.

Please come see us on the Main Stage during the Pit Party and inside the Monster Jam Experience in the BKT area. Don’t miss your chance to win a skinned, Monster Jam Steel TitansXbox One, and drive like a monster in Monster Jam Steel Titans!

Pre-order Monster Jam Steel Titans via the Microsoft Store will get immediate access to three awesome Monster Jam trucks as soon as they load the game! Start big and go big– just like the pros!

Monster Jam Steel Titans

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Collector’s Edition

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  • 1:24 Exclusive Die-Cast Grave Digger
  • Truck Facts – Postcard Book with 25 Monster Jam Trucks
  • Steelbook
  • Bonus: Instant In-Game Access to three Monster Jam Trucks
  • Full Game Monster Jam Steel Titans

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