Devon Grousis

V1.1.0 Community Update Patch

Patch Notes

DLC Content

  • Fire & Ice Truck Bundle
    • Team Fire: Megalodon Fire, Grave Digger Fire, Max-D Fire, Zombie Fire, Great Clips Mohawk Warrior Fire, Wildfire
    • Team Ice: Dragon Ice, El Toro Loco Ice, Grave Digger Ice, Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice, Soldier Fortune Ice, Yeti

Bug Fixes

  • Improved interactions with containers and container ramps
  • Improved interactions with large objects and other structures
  • Player’s truck audio no longer cuts out under specific circumstances
  • Multiple fixes to prevent exiting play area
  • Various fixes for other rare and unusual bugs

Updates and Improvements

  • Improved and expanded force feedback on Wheel Controllers
  • General improvements to truck audio, especially to First-Person experience
  • Numerous small audio changes (crowd, collisions, environments, etc.)
  • Minor performance improvements throughout, especially in Waypoint races

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